Dr. Farooq Abdullah visits Mulk Renewable Energy Booth

Fraser Brown

Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Renewable Energy Minister of India visited Mulk Enpar Renewable Energy Booth on Jan, 19 at WEFS 2010, Abu Dhabi the Purpose of visit was to explore and understand the possibility of new CSP and PV technologies which could be implemented in India under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission to attain 20,000 MW of Solar Electricity by 2022. Dr. Farooq Abdullah closely evaluated that enhanced technologies. like Mulk Enpar Renewable Energy Thermal Systems with Deep parabolic Design and Alubond PV Booster technologies would be ideal for this campaign. Dr. Farroq Abdullah was accompanied by Dr. Bibek Bandhyopadhyay, Advisor-MNRE, India) Deepak Gupta (Secretary MNRE, India) and Indian Ambassador in U.A.E