The Incredible Mulk

Fresh from returning to the UAE with a business management degree from a university in England, Mulk says Adnan was keen to make his mark.

“He [Adnan] said give me half a million dollars cash and I’ll start something on my own, and I can show what I can do with it or give me the smallest company which you’re not focussing on,” says Mulk.

“I had a plastics unit in Oman and there was really no focus, just doing about two or three tonnes a day. He has turned it around and is doing 50 tonnes a day now in just over a year,” he adds.

By 2020, Mulk says they want to hit 200 tonnes a day.

“We’re looking to import raw materials from as far as the US. It’s an industry where we don’t have to worry about sales, because we consume it ourselves. There will always be demand.”

Healthcare is another area where there has been significant demand in the UAE, and thanks to his brother, Dr Shafi Ul Mulk and his wife, Dr Yasmeen Ul Mulk, he has made a considerable investment in the industry, with ambitious plans to grow Global Hawk Imaging & Diagnostics (GHID), a healthcare arm of Mulk Holdings. They approached him with the idea to invest in telemedicine a few years ago, and GHID opened its first centre in Deira and last year a second centre was opened in Jumeirah.

The centres enable tele-radiology services to give patients a huge bank of knowledge and expertise, provided by radiology specialists from leading medical institutions around the world.

“We will be doing ten of them [in the region] in the next two or three years,” says Mulk, adding that there are also plans to open two 75-bed Mulk Hospitals — one in Dubai and one in Ajman.

GHID will also open a centre in Ghana, in the largest hospital in the country, while in India, a $1m investment will provide medical expertise to millions in rural parts of the country.

“In India we’re working with the government on a very large plan to connect over 1,000 villages with very small centres and have one central hospital,” says Mulk.

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