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StaySafe is a company that provides complete solutions for disinfection products and cleaning services and it's a division of Mulk International Group of Companies having more than three decades of experience in manufacturing Building Materials and Healthcare Services.

Currently operating in UAE, StaySafe range of products and services provide professional cleaning, disinfecting services, and products through our team of Certified and well-trained Technicians. We use the best equipment in the industry and ensure that we are fully compliant with international standards. Most importantly we use a unique touchless air fogging system to disinfect offices, showrooms, clinics, public places, etc with specializes techniques that kill 99.9% of all hazardous viruses. We offer our customers the best practice options available in today’s highly competitive market. We must strive to provide high-quality cleaning services in UAE yet still manage to compete in this highly competitive market place. We follow strict safety and quality processes to ensure the safety of our team and also deliver a fully sanitized place for our customers, our work is monitored regularly by the well trained supervisory staff, and our Customer Service Representatives ensure a 360-degree overview before we start the process.


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