“ Taking no risks is the biggest risk”
We will surge ahead if we have total conviction of our decisions.

I believe the strategies we are now adopting to expand our core building material business and diversifying into sectors like Healthcare, Plastics,and Energy Generation will not only drive our business in the coming years with far reaching effects but also turn our company into one of The Most Sustainable Firms in The World.

Our vision 2020 is a bold and ambitious initiative involving serious investment into both our existing businesses and diversification into sustainable industries. We will continue our global expansion strategy of setting up production & marketing bases inside the potential markets rather than supplying from a central base.

We believe strongly in our corporate social responsibility of giving back to society and making this world a better place to live in, for as many people as possible.

Our team has been our greatest asset and we will continue to encourage them to be innovative and develop entrepreneurship and leadership. Together we will achieve our dream of creating a company which will provide sustainability, security and pride to all our stake holders and their future generations!

Shaji Ul Mulk
Chairman, Mulk Holdings