Fraser Brown


“I’m thinking of the day, it has struck 2 AM.The finished goods are leaving the factory and the next batch of raw materials are being dispatched for the new shifts in various continents. The finished goods consist of Building Materials, Plastics, Power Plants, vehicles, computers and electronics.

The phone of our reception rings and on the other line is the director of special effects. He wants to get connected to our CEO because the Hollywood movie we are producing requires some extra funds to be approved.

And that is my vision for Mulk Holdings!

There are 2 ways of spreading light - To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it !

15 years ago this was Mulk Holdings’ first ever vision statement. The choice we made of being the candle has made Mulk Holdings what it is now. 15 years later, the light of the candle is reaching out to millions of people and continues to shine brighter than ever. We will continue to strive for excellence in quality because that is embedded in every employee of ours. Since we have already established a strong foundation in the Building Industry, MetalPlast our plastic company and Healthcare is showing exponential growth and our new diversification in Energy Generation is moving in the right direction.

Rest I believe will be history .

Adnan Ul Mulk
Vice -Chairman, Mulk Holdings